Our Purpose

The Catholic Community Foundation of Long Island (CCFLI) is committed to generating the significant philanthropic resources needed to support the countless dynamic ministries of the Catholic Church on Long Island and beyond. This independent foundation is dedicated to assuring that the work of Catholic Charities of Long Island, Catholic Health Services, Catholic education, the Catholic Faith Network, evangelization (the spreading of the saving Gospel message of Christ), parish life and many other ministries of the Church on Long Island have the resources needed to assure that their work, rooted in the Gospel and Church teaching, continues and flourishes.

Jesus promised: “I am with you always, until the end…” (Matthew 28:20). As we enter a critical time in the life of our Church in the United States, it is a moment to reflect and rededicate ourselves to our mission by helping CCFLI gather the resources needed to strengthen and grow the missionary witness and ministries of the Church, so that they may better serve not only today, but until the end of time.

Our Story

Operationalized in 2018, CCFLI is governed by members of the lay faithful. The ministries supported by CCFLI provide services not only to Long Island’s 1.5 million Catholics, but also hundreds of thousands of our neighbors. These ministries include: Catholic Charities of Long Island, a premier social service agency; some of the region’s finest healthcare with acute care hospitals, nursing homes and hospice centers; outstanding Catholic education; faith formation for our university students, youth and young adults; a dynamic multimedia network serving dioceses throughout the country, the Catholic Faith Network; vibrant parishes in which families worship and grow; and so many more. Catholic Health Services provides some of the region’s finest healthcare with acute care hospitals, nursing homes and hospice centers

CCFLI presents individuals, families and other organizations with the opportunity, through their philanthropy, to make a substantial and lasting impact on the lives of their neighbors and in their communities by making restricted or unrestricted gifts, setting up donor-advised funds or making a planned gift.

From some of the region’s finest hospitals to more than 45 area schools, we invest in responsible development that will improve life for all Long Islanders today and for years to come.

– Brian T. Shea, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

Our Structure

The Catholic Community Foundation of Long Island is an independent 501(c)(3) organization directed by twenty dedicated members of the laity and one director from the clergy (still in formation). The Board of Directors oversees the investment and distribution of funds according to donor intent, to ensure that our donors will be making a meaningful and measurable impact today and for years to come.

CCFLI is working to support lasting changes and plan for the future of the ministries of the Church on Long Island. Ministries and organizations associated with the Catholic Church on Long Island will be fortified and enhanced by this new Foundation, whose mission is to support and grow our Church’s efforts with the responsible stewarding of our donors’ generosity. CCFLI is independent in structure and governance, which will make it possible for donors to direct their philanthropy to a ministry or ministries of their choice.

Our Logo

The Catholic Community Foundation of Long Island’s logo evokes powerful images from our Catholic Faith, as well as our Long Island home.

The shape of our logo is inspired by the monstrance — the sacred vessel shaped like a sunburst — which holds the Body of Christ, the Most Blessed Sacrament during Eucharist Adoration. It likewise reminds us of the iconic lighthouses of Long Island, serving as a powerful metaphor for Christ, our light in the darkness. As light from Long Island’s lighthouses lead ships safely to shore, so too does the Light of Christ flowing from the Eucharist lead us to holiness on Earth and eternal life in Heaven.

The blue and gold colors mirror those found in the Catholic Church on Long Island’s coat of arms. Blue represents our Most Blessed Mother Mary, Mother of the Church, as well as a reminder of the waters that surround our island diocese. Gold symbolizes Jesus, the King of kings.

The open portion of the circle tells us that our love for the Eucharist leads the mission of Mercy of the Catholic Church into a vibrant future on Long Island and globally. Radiating from the Eucharistic heart of our Church and reaching out to all Long Islanders is the name: Catholic Community Foundation of Long Island, pledging an enduring commitment to faith, community and philanthropy.