Every day on Long Island, our neighbors face hunger, homelessness or a health crisis. And for each of those neighbors, the ministries of the Catholic Church are there to provide the resources and support they need to make a positive change for themselves, their families and communities. The services the ministries provide are open to all Long Islanders, no matter their background or beliefs.

The Catholic Community Foundation of Long Island (CCFLI) provides these ministries with financial support so that they can serve more Long Islanders every year. We do this through a model of philanthropy that ensures your contribution is invested where you can make the most impact, lifting up the people of Long Island for generations to come.

By choosing to support us, you advance the mission of mercy of the Catholic Church and make a meaningful and enduring investment in our Long Island communities. The following are options to make a gift to CCFLI:

Cash Gifts

Your cash donation makes an immediate impact in your community and in others across Long Island. Tax-deductible gifts may be made via bank transfer or credit card.



By donating appreciated stocks, bonds or other marketable securities, you help us fund lasting solutions to lift up those Long Islanders who need us most, while enabling our ministries to serve even more people. Gifts of securities may avoid capital gains tax.


Real Estate and Property

Donating your home or another piece of property unlocks the value of your assets — without requiring a sale — enabling a transformational gift for the ministry or cause that matters most to you.


Planned Giving

Donations made through your estate help ensure a legacy of impact on the ministries and causes that matter most to you. Planned gifts can be designated from a will, a trust or even a bank account.


Donor-Advised Funds

To have even more control over how your gift is stewarded and invested over the years, we’ll work with you to establish a fund that grows and is invested according to your intent.


Have Questions?

We’d be happy to work with you to find the investment option that aligns best with your assets and goals. For more information, please contact:

Elsie Pallotta
VP and Chief Development Officer